Stag Wall Mount

The content below documents my construction and execution of my first mixed media wall mount. I wanted to abstract the idea of a deer mount, but focusing on a departure of realistic features. I wanted to emphasize color and texture.

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I started doing digital color studies on my photo of the paper mache mount.

I wanted to achieve a psychedelic feeling. I also utilized the photo application Prisma to help imagine different textures.

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I ultimately went with a cooler color scheme and started covering the mount with flat, blended, wool/ felt. I do this using my 2D felting machine. I then began covering the mount, and adhering the wool with spray fixative.

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After multiple hours of cutting wool, and gluing the end product was created. I’m looking to do another soon, and sell them on my Easy shop. Thanks for taking some time to check out my art!

-Style Point John