S.P.J. Character Explorations, 2015

Hey everyone!

Here are a few examples of the characters I created last year, while living in NYC.

My designs include the Pigs, Panda, and Sea Lion with Fish.

I attempted to create curious creatures with human like emotions.

Happiness, adorability, color, joy, plumpness, shape was my focus.

If you’re wondering about the Beaver, a friend of mine came up with the concept design.

I re-created the character from sheep wool, using various needle felting techniques.

Like the Moose, I blended wool colors together creating more interest in the form.


My only regret is not taking a picture of his tail, which was very difficult to create/ attach.

In spirit of Henry the Beaver, I made a small beer mug in honor of his joyous demeanor.

He sold in the Kew Gardens Art Fair, 2015, but I learned so much about pushing the art form of needle felting.

Cheers, and have a great weekend everyone ^_^