Penguin Love: Never Underestimate the Power of Cute

Sweet Kiss

Hey everyone 🙂 Here are some preliminary studies for the penguin children’s tales I’ve been working on. I focused on building up the characters, and their surroundings. These are quick digital sketches, and stage construction shots.

arctic scene1artic penguins scene 2I thought it would be great to emphasize the unity of the penguins, living together in a prosperous community. I needed to set the stage using felting techniques, but also combine my photos with digital touch ups. Digitally painting, and lighting scenes.

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I wanted to incorporate fantasy elements, objects, and behaviors into these penguins and their world. I give some much thanks to, Kiki D, for helping me create the penguins and inspiring me to new levels in art. So much love.

As a bonus, here are some shots of King Juels from college. Enjoy, thanks for the stop!


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