Sand Art

Creating art completely out of natural elements can be a big undertaking. Manipulating mother nature can be tricky, but it is also amazing what kind of surprises can emerge. This past May my friends and I decided to take part in our college’s annual sand art festival. We wanted to really create something that people could get excited about, so we gathered our shovels and got to it. We dug out a sand relief piece of a larger than life fossilized t-rex, pretending like we had actually dug out prehistoric dinosaur bones.

Our efforts and creation turned out to be a big hit with young and old people a like. We ending up winning first prize in the sand relief category, and got to share our vision with a great public audience. It was an awesome experience that boosted our collective creative confidence. Shout out to my friends Chok Bun Lam, Chris Alfaro, and Cory Brangman for all believing we could make something special to share with the world.

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