Sex Slavery Poster Design



A piece I just finished for one of my illustration classes at SCAD.

It’s a commentary on sex slavery, and the horrors associated with the international issue.

All of the handwriting within the form is done by hand.

“Take a look, it’s her freedom they took.

In a world where nothing is right, freedom has a price.

She’s in the window for sale, her time is running out, coffin nail.

Slip into the shadows, listen to the chains they rattle.

A little girl who used to dance and twirl now is a fatal disaster, obedient to a master.

Loss of innocence she is a slave to evil, a world of scars and bars it is a scene of upheaval.

She is broken and choking, all the blood it is soaking.”

The best way to make a difference considering this issue is awareness.

My heart goes out to all families and people facing this harsh reality.